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What is it? How big is it? Where is it?
My home page Welcome Wave, burrito not included. 240 KB greet.wav
For leftys only. (Don't tell anyone...I'm actually ambidextrous) 251 KB lefty.wav
Totally candid and uncensored clip of a friend and me. (Guess who it is, and you really win the cupie doll.) 1280 KB dm1.wav
"The Aussie Kings"
This one may be kind of hard to appreciate!
630 KB aussiekings.wav
Probably the coolest sound that ever came out of my mouth. 115 KB wheeze.wav
I am the one they call Earthquake. Again, maybe hard to appreciate. 488 KB royquake.wav

Oh, yeah, and I play trumpet, too. Here's a few recordings I made out of variations on a theme from the imfamous Arban's trumpet method book. That theme would be the one they call Cavatina. My playing isn't "great" but I don't suck! The recordings aren't exactly the best quality because I had to use a regular computer microphone, but the audio quality is still CD quality because MPEG-3 compression is all that AND a bag of chips.

All music clips are in MPEG-3 format. You'll need an MPEG-3 player to listen to these. Newer versions of Microsoft Media Player support this, but I would recommend grabbing WinAmp or MacAmp to play all your MPEGs.

What is it? How big is it? Where is it?
Cavatina theme 1063 KB cavatina1.mp3
Cavatina variation 1 863 KB cavatina2.mp3
Cavatina variation 1 967 KB cavatina3.mp3

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