Doug's Drum Corps Corner

Yeah, another drum corps site. So flame me.

Welcome to my little niche in the drum corps web world. Some of this material is original, others from other sites.


The world's first high-fidelity audio archive of drum corps competitions. Hear your favorite corps in CD quality sound! The audio files in this archive are encoded in MPEG-3 format (MPEG-2 for 1996 and before) straight off of DAT (Digital Audio Tape) media for that extra dynamic kick. This is a must-hear.


Scorps-Interactive contains the same data you've seen on the newsgroup rec.arts.marching.drumcorps and other WWW sites that carry contest scores. However, this is different because they are all indexed and cross-indexed using pretty HTML 3.0 tables making the information you want really easy to find.

Doug Stevenson: