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Date/Location Corps attending
June 14
Toledo, OH
Phantom Regiment, Cadets of Bergen County, Cavaliers, Glassmen, Colts, Empire Statesmen Sr., Pioneer, Golden Lancers


Date/Location Corps attending
June 17
Columbus, OH
Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, Colts, Pioneer, Golden Lancers, Northern Aurora
June 25
Port Clinton, OH
Cadets of Bergen County, Colts, Glassmen
June 27
Canton, OH
Colts and Bluecoats (percussion only)
July 16
Dayton, OH
Crossmen and Bluecoats
July 19
Bellevue, OH
Crossmen, Glassmen, Kiwanis Kavaliers, and Boston Crusaders
July 29
Marion, OH
Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, Glassmen, Magic of Orlando, Boston Crusaders, North Shore


Date/Location Corps attending
June 16
Columbus, OH
Madison Scouts, Colts, Pioneer, Americanos, Mirage Sr., Marquis, Coachmen
June 18
Bellevue, OH
Madison Scouts, Glassmen, Colts, Pioneer, Americanos, Golden Lancers, Blue Grass Brass, Marion Cadets
June 27
Port Clinton, OH
Cadets of Bergen County, Phantom Regiment, Glassmen, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Golden Lancers, Marion Cadets, Bandettes
July 21
Columbus, OH
Blue Devils, Cadets of Bergen County, Glassmen, Magic of Orlando, Boston Crusaders, Nite Express

Note that full-length .au files are available for some of the corps. Since these files are a waste of space (for the most part) they will get truncted down to "best-of clips" as soon as we get time. So if you want the full length samples, get them ASAP!! We will also be coming out with best-of .au clips for the better corps so those without .mp2 playing capability can join in the fun.

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