CORPSound...soon to be the archive for the highest quality drum corps audio files on the net. We're hoping to gather bootlegs of drum corps contests as they happen. Don't ask us how we make our recordings. We just do. And they're digital, straight off of DAT. (For the audio neophyte, DAT is Digital Audio Tape, CD quality sound). If you feel you want to contribute to our collection, we will accept recordings on DAT, compact cassettes, or pre-digitized sound files. Email us if you're interested.

We have shows organized by contest date and corps. Of course, the pickings are going to be somewhat slim here at the beginning of the season, but don't blame us for that. We know you tapers are out there, so help us out a little and send us your stuff! We're up till 6 AM encoding these things as it stands right now, and you get what you pay for! :-)

In order to listen:

See the Fun Techincal Information page if you need an MPEG-2 player for Windows, Mac, or UNIX systems. Also note that all of the following pages make use of HTML 3.0 tables, so you should use Netscape as your browser, or simply go to and browse the sound files directly.

You need to configure your browser to deal properly with the .mp2 extention for MPEG-2 files. Since the files are coming in from FTP, the audio/x-mpeg mime type is not sent to your browser. You probably want to just save the files to disk as they are downloaded, or just grab them from the ftp site manually.

New Flash! This year's recordings are going to be done in MPEG-3 format -- smaller files and better quality! Visit the Official MPEG3 Web Site to get an MPEG3 player for your platform. There are free ones available that will play both MPEG2 and MPEG3. We tend to be partial to WinAMP (or MacAMP if you're using Macintosh) because it's small, lite, and takes up the least amount of CPU time.

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Our Mission

We want to provide high-quality audio clips of as many corps and contests as possible in order to build a library that is useful for all drum corps fans. We are not trying to rip off DCI sales of their audio/video products or the individual corps themselves. Rather, we feel that these archives could be useful for those unfortunate enough to see their favorite corps and for tracking a corps' progress over time. Remember, the more help we get on this, the greater the success of our mission.

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